About Us

About Us

sweetpuppyhome was founded out of the need to provide an ethical and convenient alternative to enable dog lovers around the world to find world-class purebreed puppies.

At sweetpuppyhome we believe in the ethical treatment of animals and insist that dog breeding must be carried out in the most humane manner possible.  We will never deal with unethical breeders under any circumstances.

We have an extensive network of Kennel Club breeders, small family breeders and breed enthusiasts. We personally visit the breeder of every puppy that we supply where we examine the living conditions, verify the health and well being, and confirm the temperament, appearance and breed standards of their dogs.  We are constantly travelling to international dog shows, renewing old acquaintances and making new ones!

Prior to delivery, all of our puppies visit a qualified veterinarian, where they are given their first vaccinated, de-wormed and undergo a comprehensive health check up.  All of our puppies are certified healthy; the new owner will receive the original, signed veterinary report.

What We Do?

At sweetpuppyhome, we believe in the magic of connection, the joy of companionship, and the enduring bonds formed between paws and people. Our mission, vision, and purpose are rooted in a simple yet profound idea encapsulated in our tagline…

Our Mission

To simplify and enrich the journey of finding a furry companion. We are dedicated to connecting Australian families with their ideal puppies, providing a seamless and reliable online marketplace experience. We bring together the delight of discovery and the ease of technology, ensuring that every family finds not just a pet, but a lifelong friend.

Our Vision

We aspire to be more than just a marketplace; we aim to be a haven of joyous beginnings. Our vision is to become Australia’s most trusted and cherished online platform for puppy adoption, where families embark on their most heartwarming journey – welcoming a new member. We envision a world where every puppy finds a loving home, and every home rejoices in the love of a puppy.

Our Purpose

Our Purpose

sweetpuppyhome exists to foster connections that last a lifetime. We are driven by the belief that every wagging tail deserves a happy tale. By offering a platform where potential dog owners can easily find their ideal puppy, we support responsible breeding practices and advocate for the wellbeing of pets and families alike.
Creating Fur-ever Families.

Creating Fur-ever Families.

Through sweetpuppyhome, we’re not just facilitating transactions; we are igniting lifelong relationships. Our platform is a bridge between loving homes and joyful puppies, ensuring each story of adoption is as unique and special as the families and pets themselves. In every fur, a family finds joy. In every bark, a tale of love and companionship unfolds.
Specialised Service

Specialised Service

Since we specialise in dogs and no other house pets, you won't get any viewers who are not interested in your listing - unless they want a different breed! You have complete control over your advert - including unlimited edits, and the opportunity to distinguish yourself as a licensed breeder.

Frequently Asked Questions

After placing your order, please contact us via email or phone to arrange for the pickup of your new puppy.

It would simply be logistically impossible for us to have photos of every parent of every puppy we sell. This also applies to the rescues we provide, as we might not have access to the photos or information of their parents. If the owner bred your puppy, we can send you a picture of the parents.
  • All puppies undergo vet examinations and receive all necessary vaccinations and dewormings. You will receive medical records after your purchase, which you can give to your veterinarian.

Spotting and Managing Hypoglycemia in Puppies

Hypoglycemia, also known as Transient Juvenile Hypoglycemia, can affect young dogs, particularly puppies under three months old. Here’s how to recognize, treat, and prevent it:

Recognizing Signs

  • Lack of Energy: Puppies need glucose for energy. If your puppy appears weak and lethargic, it might be a sign of hypoglycemia.
  • Seizures: Extremely low glucose levels can trigger seizures, which are especially dangerous for growing puppies.
  • Comatose State: In severe cases, puppies can become comatose due to critically low glucose levels.
  • Other Indicators: Watch for a lack of appetite, coordination issues, including twitching, dilated pupils, trembling, and pale pink or white gums.

Treatment for hypoglycemia is straightforward. Consult a veterinarian for guidance. Typically, it involves:

  • Keeping the puppy in a warm environment.
  • Implementing a feeding schedule of up to four times a day.
  • Deworming and maintaining regular vaccinations. Hypoglycemia is easily treatable when detected early, minimizing harm to the puppy.


To prevent hypoglycemia, ensure your puppy eats regularly and monitor any behavioral changes closely. Early detection is key.

  • We provide canines and pups from our charitable rescue partners, “Dogs to the Rescue.”
  • Every rescue dog or cat has been spayed or neutered, as well as groomed and examined by a veterinarian. On our website and in the medical records, we will make clear any conditions the rescue may have (if any).
  • Prices for each rescue will differ depending on a number of factors.

All of our puppies are potty trained in the “Puppy Housing Method.” This is the method that allows the puppy an area to “go potty” in while they are still in their kennel. From the day your puppy begins to walk, it is able to start being potty trained.

We accidentally discovered this method after our customers continued to tell us that our puppies were potty trained the day they got them home. We thought some of our customers were just over exaggerating until we continued to hear this news over and over again. Just read some of our testimonials and you will quickly see that most mention that their puppy potty trained very easily, or was already potty trained.

How it works – The “Puppy Housing Method” is a kennel that is set up with two sides. One side they can sleep in and they other side they can use the bathroom in. This is most easily done with a double doored kennel. Place a bed in one side and a potty pad in the other. Your new puppy does not want to potty where he sleeps, so he/she will walk over to the other side (on the pad) and use the potty. The key to this is when you are home, you leave the second door to the kennel open (the one that has the potty pad in it) and they will run in to it (with little or no training) when they have to go.

What if I do not want to use this method? The great thing about this method is that it can be re-trained to the outside. The fact of the matter is, the puppy knows that he/she has to go to the bathroom in a designated area. All you have to do is show them where that designated area is.

Sound simple….it is….because we have started them out the right way from day one.

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